Mission & Vision

There has been a study by DONNE: Women in Music during the season of 2020-2021 throughout 100 international orchestras. Out of the 14,474 compositions performed, only 747 pieces were composed by women. That means there is only a 5% representation of this gender in those programs.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to perform compositions written by women, feminine and gender non-binary people of all races, classes, abilities, nationalities, religious backgrounds and sexualities.

Women, feminine and gender non-binary people deserve the same exposure as men in the music world, especially in the area of composition. The performances of Ensemble Lilith support the work of those composers through performances of their pieces.

Also, our mission as an ensemble is to ensure visibility of women, feminine and gender non-binary through not only much needed platforms and work for composers, but also to performers that are not best represented in the classical music industry. Ensemble Lilith is striving for at least 50-50 performers split between men, women, feminine and gender non-binary persons in the ensemble.

Our Vision:

Ensemble Lilith will be a catalyst to ensure a bigger representation of female, feminine and gender non-binary composers in the future of music and empower contemporary composers as well as encourage new generations of composers and creatives. We will use our resources to collaborate personally with composers for a series of concerts with new premieres.

We will organize concerts with already written music by women, feminine and gender non-binary people. A lack of quality and importance of music written by women, feminine and gender non-binary people is a lie and construct which is made by historians and history-writers. We want to break that illusion in our and next generations. Maybe even in the generations preceding us. We will also create a space where the public can meet the living composers we are working with as well as get to know their work process.

Our values:

– Excellence. We aim for the highest quality performance. Our musicians are experts in their fields and they have experience in not only contemporary music performance but also other art forms and humanity sciences. They have a collaborative and empathetic approach to performance and interpretation.

– Education. We value the importance our ensemble will have on current and new generations, especially when it comes to the revision of the music cannon and also giving examples of female, feminine and non-binary excellence of various identity intersections.

– Passion: We are not only passionate about musicianship. We are passionate about our cause of bringing music and performances of women, feminine and gender non-binary people and about the change we might bring with our approach to performing music. 

– Innovation/creativity: through new music works

– Diversity, Equity and inclusion.

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