Interview with Abbie Conant

The story of her epic fight and ultimate victory against egregious gender discrimination in the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra where she won the position for principal trombone at a screened audition in 1980, inspired author Malcolm Gladwell to write the NY Times Bestseller, Blink where Ms. Conant’s story is detailed in the last chapter. The 11-year-longContinue reading “Interview with Abbie Conant”

Interview with Marika Kuzma

“I have enjoyed a multifaceted career as a musician: concerts in prestigious venues, collaborations with internationally renowned orchestras, workshops with choirs of all sizes, and teaching one-on-one. Each aspect of my work informs the other, and I aim to create beautiful, meaningful, and memorable experiences with singers, instrumentalists, and fellow artists at all levels ofContinue reading “Interview with Marika Kuzma”

Interview with Ine Vanoeveren

Belgian flutist and Doctor of Musical Arts, Ine Vanoeveren is specialized in contemporary music performance. In 2017, Ine toured through the US with her solo program UN(!)limited(?) and lectured at several renowned universities, such as University of California, San Diego, New York University, City University of New York and McGill University at Montréal, Canada. AsContinue reading “Interview with Ine Vanoeveren”

Interview with Carla Moore

Carla Moore is one of America’s foremost Baroque violinists acclaimed for her stylish and virtuosic playing. Residing in Oakland, California, Carla teaches baroque violin and viola at the University of California, Berkeley, and coaches the University Baroque Ensemble. She is also concertmaster of Portland Baroque Orchestra (Oregon) and a founder and co-director of Archetti BaroqueContinue reading “Interview with Carla Moore”