Amsterdam based, they believe that females should have the same exposure as males in the music world, specially in the area of composition and creation.

Through performances and one on one work with young and professional female composers within a wide variety of styles, from classic to contemporary or “live electronics” pieces, their work ensures the development of performers that are not best represented in the classical music industry and the visibility of female composers through much needed platforms and collaborations.

Lilith Ensemble is striving for fifty-fifty performers and musicians split between male and female in the ensemble to ensure our vision of equality is also represented onstage. Its musicians are young professionals from all over the world, some of them holding positions in prestigious European orchestras.

Even though the name Lilith originates from the Sumerian or Babylonian culture as a demon goddess, the ensemble has taken the origin story from the jewish in which she was Adam’s first wife. She was created from the same clay as him and was placed in the garden of Eden with him. With time, Adam wanted her to be a subordinate to him, and she refused. She left Eden to leave the control he was forcing on her, since she believed they were both equal since creation by being formed from the same clay. This change in her life, made the ensemble members think of her as the first independent and strong woman who fought for equality between genders. Ever since, the name Lilith has been a reminder of the importance of pushing this ensemble to make the music world more equal in genders.

Core Members

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